The Freedom of Choice at the End of Life Campaign aims :

* To bring attention to the fact that our Society does not deal with death and dying well enough. We avoid talking about it ,we do not plan for it ,doctors try in vain to avoid it and unlike birth it is illegal assist it. This results in too many of us dying in a place we would not wish ( in hospital) and slower and sicker that ever before. Doctors are hesitant to provide adequate pain relief to their dying patients because they fear this may be misinterpreted as an attempt to assist the dying process.

* To create awareness of the imminent presentation of a Bill to the Western Australian parliament which will provide a competent terminally ill adult in Western Australia, the freedom of choice to ask for help in dying to stop their suffering and provide doctors who provide this help legal protection. There will be strict safeguards to ensure it will apply only for whom it is intended. The security in knowing one has control over their dying process will be palliative in itself by reducing fear of the dying process. Most do not fear death ,they fear dying.

* To bring attention to the fact that decades of opinion polls show overwhelming public support for such legislation ,but our representatives to date have rejected 51 Assisted dying Bills Australia wide. Politicians have allowed their personal views and fear created by misinformation from a vocal minority to stand in the way of the democratic process.